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SOC2 Data Center

SOC2 Data Center provides end-to-end technologies for any size organization. Together, the teams will support over 320 clients in 15 states. Most clients are in regulated industries with a high value on data integrity and security, such as healthcare, banking & finance, and manufacturing & logistics.

Benefits of Our Data Center Colocation Services

Fully Redundant Environment to Ensure the Highest Level of Performance and Uptime

In technology, redundancy involves copying critical components of your information to use as a backup. At Elevated, we consider redundancy one of the most important measures to take for our clients. All systems throughout the data centers are equipment with active-active redundancy. This includes power, cooling, networking, security, and internet. When you entrust your data to our servers, we will make sure to always have a backup to give you the best results.

Multiple Layers of Physical Security Including Cameras, Alarms, Biometrics and Annual Audits

We also think of security as an essential aspect of our data operations. Security is a multi-layer function. Elements start with rigorous policies. Elements beyond that include biometric physical access to the data center and individual racks. Additional physical security includes 100% coverage with IP cameras, motion, sound, and vibration sensors. Data security is no different. User access, system access, and change management ensure that all data is protected. To maximize that security, we take every in-person measure we can to defend your hardware and software.

Full Protection of Data Integrity and Quick, Reliable Backups and File Level Restoration

The system and data integrity is the next layer after core security. Our team will keep your data accurate and consistent as you use it. As we transmit information from our servers to your computers, we make sure that all data is transmitted securely, and it has the same format and specifications in regardless of data storage location. Thanks to our multiple backups, we can also restore data in the event of an emergency.


The Ability to Continue Business and Guard Against Physical and Environmental Disasters

Keeping your information at our data center enables you to maximize your efficiency and uptime. Since we take care of your hardware and software, you can rest assured that we’ll handle your data in the event of an outage.


Full Availability to Grow and Expand Physical Resources as Business Needs Dictate

Let us grow with you as your business and technological needs increase. The scalable nature of our colocation services lets you use as much or as little server space as you need to achieve your goals.


Increased Potential Access to Greater Hardware and Data Redundancy by Virtualization of Your Servers

When you become one of our colocation clients, you get access to all of our technological capabilities. We’ll provide cutting-edge solutions for data backup, software and hardware that you can only get from tech experts.

Leave the technical aspects of colocation cloud services to our experts. Our staff members will guide you through your colocation package so you can maximize your company’s potential.

Whether you know exactly what you want in your colocation host, or you have no idea and need some help, Elevated is here to work side by side with you so you can make an informed decision.

Choose From Full or Partial Rack Colocation Services

A Scalable Solution for Any Size

The choice between full and partial rack services makes colocation a scalable solution for businesses of many sizes. Our datacenter features individual racks, or shelf systems, for servers and related technology. You can rent all the unit spaces in a rack (full rack) or just a portion of them (partial). We welcome you to consult us about the right service package for your business. Some companies also increase their rack space over time to make room for changes.

Features of Our Colocation Data Center

We host our data center for professional services in Harrisburg, PA. Built with only the best in redundancy and resiliency in mind, our hardware and servers handle data for numerous clients at once.

  • Tier 3-qualified data center
  • Redundant 10 Gigabit Fiber from Tier 1 carriers (Comcast, Windstream, Frontier)
  • Fully redundant core and distribution network equipment
  • Liebert Glycol N+1 air conditioning
  • Fully redundant Tier 1 and Tier 2 storage arrays
  • Annual SOC2 audit
  • Fully redundant power grid with 96 hours of backup runtime
  • Priority PPL power service
  • IP video surveillance of all angles of the Data Center
  • Biometric controlled access to the data center and racks
Virtual Server Hosting

Elevated MSP’s SOC2 Data Center provides end-to-end technologies for any size organization. Together, the teams will support over 200 clients in 15 states. Many clients are in regulated industries with a high value on data integrity and security such as healthcare, banking & finance, and manufacturing & logistics.

Virtual server hosting solutions from Elevated provide an innovative, cost-cutting alternative to traditional, dedicated bare-metal servers. Elevated’s Virtual Server Hosting infrastructure is built on top of VMware, a global leader in virtualization technology.

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