Implementing A People-First Cybersecurity Strategy

by | Apr 18, 2024 | CyberSecurity, Managed Services

Trust between your managed service provider (MSP) and your team is essential for a people-first strategy to be effective. Your MSP can cultivate trust by maintaining transparency in their operations, clearly explaining the rationale behind security policies, and being open about the potential threats and measures in place to mitigate them. This transparency helps demystify cybersecurity, making it more accessible to your non-IT employees.

Personalize Security Awareness Training

A key element in your people-first approach involves providing personalized security awareness training. Your MSP should assess each department’s specific needs and tailor training accordingly. For example, the finance department may need detailed instruction on recognizing and preventing phishing attacks, while the marketing department might benefit from training focused on securing social media accounts.

Empower Your Employees With Security Tools

Equipping your employees with the tools they need to identify and prevent cyber threats is a key component of your people-first approach. Your MSP can provide your employees with security software, such as antivirus programs and email filtering tools, that are simple to use and highly effective. By empowering your employees this way, your MSP helps create a more resilient team.

Continuous Feedback Feeds Improvement

Finally, a truly people-first MSP continues to provide valuable feedback and improvement. By regularly soliciting input from employees about the usability and effectiveness of the cybersecurity measures in place, your MSP identifies areas for improvement and enhancement. This keeps security protocols up to date and makes sure they remain aligned with the needs and behaviors of the people they are designed to protect.

In conclusion, a managed services provider that adopts a people-first approach to cybersecurity emphasizes the role of education, personalized security measures, a culture of security, and active engagement in protecting digital assets. By focusing on the human element, your MSP helps create a more secure and resilient organization.